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Meeting Notes: January18th 2012


January 18th 6:30-8:30pm @ UCSF Mission Bay

  • Margaret Race, PhD, ecologist working with NASA through the SETI Institute.
  • Margaret will lead a discussion on framing emerging technology development in the real world. Drawing on her diverse work in policy, regulation, and risk perceptions - in areas including nuclear technologies, astrobiology, genetic engineering and emerging infectious disease - she will offer perspectives on how the synthetic biology community can understand and navigate the societal forces shaping our technologies.

Speaker Bio

About Margaret

Dr. Margaret Race is an ecologist who works with NASA through the SETI Institute in Mountain View, CA. where she focuses on astrobiology, searches for extraterrestrial life, and science policy issues associated with diverse emerging technologies. Dr. Race specializes in planetary protection—how to plan robotic and human missions in ways that ensure environmental protection of both the Earth and locations in outer space. In addition to her astrobiology and planetary protection work, she is also involved in science education and public outreach through schools, science museums, libraries, and the mass media.

Dr. Race grew up in Boston, received her BA and MS degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and came to California where she got her Ph.D. in Ecology from UC Berkeley. After a postdoc at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, she taught and did environmental research for many years at both Stanford (Human Biology) and UC Berkeley (College of Natural Resources)—and later joined NASA to work on astrobiology and societal issues.

(Believe it or not, she started out working on environmental impacts of nuclear and fossil fuel power plants and later studied introduced mudsnails in San Francisco Bay. From effluent pipes and mudflats, to Mars!)


See Margaret's Slides here