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We intend to use this space to seed, prioritize and sustain a list of 'Top gaps' in the practice of synthetic biology for this group - and others - to consider, discuss, and work towards addressing. We ideally hope to produce from the discussions documented and materials collected here a simple, digestible co-authored paper, or papers, summarizing each gap, current practices, open questions, and recommendations for moving forward.

Current Gap List

Gaps List v4 SynBERC Fall Retreat: Gaps Presented and Gathered at the SynBERC Fall Retreat

Previous Gap List Drafts and References

Gap Seed List v3 - July 27th for Working Group Meeting : Gap seed list used for discussion at the July 27th Working Group Meeting - combines elements of several drafts from below. Please edit!

Gap Seed List v2 - July 22nd for SAB Call : Gap seed list drafted for feedback from the SynBERC SAB

Wilson ELSI Issues Survey Link to the Wilson Center's list of critical ELSI issues related to Synthetic Biology. They are expanding this list via an on-line survey, and after gathering additional ideas will be posting an online poll to allow people to prioritize the most important issues.

Gap Seed List v1 - June 30th 2011 : Gap seed list first outlined by participants of the June 30th 2011 Working Group Meeting:

Select is a potential tool for prioritizing gaps