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Gap Types

to do with making the technology work (technical)


to do with making the technology better (ethics)


to do with translating to the real world (business, policy)

those we can close


those that need constant attention

Gaps Lists

Making Technologies Work

  • Demonstrating Reliability of Engineered Biological Parts/Systems
  • Managing Interactions Between Engineered Organisms and Existing Ecologies
  • Achieving Broad Access to SB Tools

Making Technologies Better

  • Developing a Strategy for Biosecurity
  • Cultivating Wisdom in Biosafety
  • Transcending a Cultural/Political Framing of Saving/Destroying the World
  • Teaching & Learning from the Broad Publics
  • Demonstrating Successful Modes of Practices Integration

Making Technologies Translate

  • Building Trust (Across Secrecy Gaps)
  • Determining Balance b/w Common & Private Access/Ownership to Promote Innovation
  • Demonstrating a Commercial Transition for Syn Bio Tools & Products
  • Sustaining Investments in Tools Development
  • Adapting Governance Frameworks Across Diverse Applications of Syn Bio

New Proposed Gaps

SynBERC retreat

  • Growing a viable network of registries of standardized components sharing high quality information
  • Standards of measurement for biological parts and systems that translate to application needs in both static and dynamics contexts (e.g. relative vs absolute measurements)