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  • Ion chromatograph with 2 independent pump and column systems and shared autosampler
  • Carbohydrate analysis using CarboPac PA20 columns with pulsed amperometry (Au working electrode)
  • Alcohol and organic acid analysis using ICE-AS1 columns with pulsed amperometry (Pt working electrode) and UV detection

Component Specifications

  • Chromeleon Chromatography Management Software v. 6.8
  • AS autosampler
    • 100-1.5mL vial capacity
    • 250μL needle, 10μL injection loops
    • Diverter valve for sequential (independent) control of dual column/pump system
  • DC detector compartment
    • 15-40°C temperature control
    • Houses 2 ea. injection valves, columns, and ED detectors
  • ED electrochemical detector
    • Combination pH and Ag/AgCl reference electrodes
    • Disposable Au or Pt working electrodes
  • UVD340U UV/Vis detector
    • Simultaneous detection at 4 wavelengths (200-595nm)
  • DP dual pump
    • 2 gradient pumps with integrated vacuum degasser
    • PEEK pump heads and flow path
  • Shodex-101 refractive index detector (RID)
    • Not currently in use

Column Specifications

  • CarboPac PA20
    • 3 x 30mm guard column
    • 3 x 150mm analytical column
    • Borate trap
  • ICE-AS1
    • 4 x 50mm guard column
    • 4 x 250mm analytical column
    • 9 x 250mm analytical column
  • CarboPac MA1 (not currently in use)

Sample Preparation

  • Possible sample neutralization or clean-up
  • Filtration with 0.2μM nylon or PTFE filters
  • Dilution to existing standard curve range
    • 1-40 mg/L sugars
    • 25-200 mg/L alcohols and organic acids




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