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Recent Updates

  • 5/2016: We have gone online. Visit us on Facebook.
  • 3/2016: Congrats to Ed on his successful NIH NRSA predoctoral fellowship application!
  • 2/2016: Renhao gave a symposia talk on Mechanism and Functions of Platelet Mechanosensing at the 2016 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting.
  • 11/2015: Xin and Anum's paper is published in JTH! By disproving the prevalent model of GPIb signaling, this paper re-opens the question with an implication on platelet clearance.
  • 11/2015: Renhao gave an invited talk on "Mechanosensory domain in the platelet shear-receptor, GPIb-IX" at the 2015 AHA Scientific Sessions.
  • 10/2015: Congrats to Wei on the appointment to Instructor!
  • 9/2015: Sam and Yingchun are joining the lab. Welcome!
  • 6/2015: Xin is leaving the lab for an Instructor position. Good luck and best wishes! We will miss you.
  • 5/2015: Renhao gave a talk on GPIb-IX at the 2015 Gordon Conference on the Cell Biology of Platelets and Megakaryocytes.
  • 5/2015: Ed Quach joins up after his rotation in the lab. Welcome, Ed!
  • 1/2015: Wei's Blood paper came out, and it came out with a commentary!