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SOB/SOC is a richer media than LB. Suitable for growth of large batch cultures, strains with growth complex growth requirements, and recovery after transformation (Gram neg. species). This media is a slight pain to make. It is good to keep the SOB without the MgCl2 added. We call this SOB-. Also, everything loves to grow in SOC. Make small volumes and if it looks bad... DO NOT USE IT!!!



Per 950 ml of H2O:

  • Tryptone: 20g
  • Yeast Extract: 5g
  • NaCl: 0.5g

Dissolve components. Then add 10ml of 250mM KCl. pH with NaOH (5 to 10M). Correct volume to 1L.

After autoclaving, just before use, add 5ml 2M MgCl2.


To SOB add, 20ml of 1M glucose. If you have a 50 w/v% stock of glucose, use 8ml.

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