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Copenhagen 2014

Workshop I: The Scientific Approach, Introduction to Project Management and Ethics in Research'

The workshop was mediated by Dr. C.J. Fitzsimons from Leadership Sculptor and was addressing transferable research skills.

Content of the workshop:

  • Scientific approach : define scientific questions, formulate key hypotheses, design key experiments
  • Critical thinking and evidence-based arguments
  • Project planning and Management: introduction to some simple tools that help to plan your project --> manageable work packages
  • Self-Management : how to plan day/week more efficiently, set priorities --> practical ideas to help to organise your work and reduce stress levels
  • Ethics in research: integrity in data analysis, data ownership and protection, conflicts of interest, professional responsibility (including animal experimentation)

Berlin 2014

Training sessions:

  • Ribosome profiling
  • RNA pull-down

Workshop: "Scientific communication and outreach" , mediated by Dr. C.J. Fitzsimons from Leadership Sculptor

  • How to decide what to put in a paper: identify your audience, thesis statement, where to publish
  • Structure of a paper
  • Tips on Writing & Revising : quality of good writing, writing tools
  • Tips for effective Tables & Figures, punctuation, grammar

Talks by invited speakers:

  • "Computational approaches to decode RNA and DNA regulatory regions" by Uwe Ohler, Max Delbruck Centre for molecular medicine (MDC), Berlin
  • by Markus Kretz, Institute for biochemistry, genetic and microbiology, Regensburg University
  • Sven Diederichs, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg

Rome 2015

Basel 2016

Prague 2017

Amsterdam 2017