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Tip: a common issue is that there are some channels that you do not wish to analyze with RAVE (for instance, data from EKG leads). RAVE is designed for the case where there is a brain electrode for each channel's data stream. There are several ways to eliminate channels without associated brain electrodes. Select only the electrodes that you wish to analyze in the "Electrodes" input box (e.g. if there are 90 channels, but channels 5 through 10 are EKG channels, enter "1-4,11-90" into the input box). This will allow RAVE to skip the EKG channels. Alternately, one could make a .mat file that contains only channels 1-4 and 11-90 and then load the entire file into RAVE. Note that in this case the channel numbering will be off relative to the original channel numbering. Overview Menu

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