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Mass Spec Cal

The basic calibration mix, as made in the Marcotte lab.

Quant Name Description
~10 LTQ Pre-Cal Mix 2007-02-06 LTQ Calibration Solution (990ul) [JUST ADD 10 ul Acetic acid with 10ul glass syring and clean it!]
2 LTQ CAL MIX 2006-09-21 LTQ Calibration Solution (200ul of 1mg/mL Caffeine in MeOH; 200uL of MRFA stock; 100uL Ultramark 1621 stock; 100 ul glacial acetic acid; 5mL ACN; filled to 10mL with 50:50 MeOH:H20)
6 RESERP. 1.0 ug/ul STOCK 2006-09-21 (10mg reserpine in 10mL MeOH [with 1% acetic acid])
6 Na Taur. 1nmol/ul STOCK 2006-09-21 1.0 nmol/uL Sodium Taurocholate stock solution
1 MRFA PRE-STOCK 5 nmol/ul 2006-09-21 5.0 nmol/uL (3.0mg in 1.0mL 50:50 MeOH:H20)
1 MRGA STOCK 166.7 pmol/ul 2006-09-21 166.7 pmol/ul "L-methionyl-arginyl-phenylalanyl-alanine-acetate X H20"
6 ULTRAMARK STOCK 2006-09-21 0.1% in ACN (10uL in 10 mL ACN)
6 SDS STOCK 2006-09-21 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate 1.0 nmol/uL (2.88mg in 10 mL 50:50 MeOH:H20)