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  • Solved PDB binding structure
    • There are ~10,000 structures with 2 chains on PDB, so plenty of candidates.
  • Available in purified state
  • Forms a complex in vivo
    • Ideally, this would be manipulatable
  • Available in affinity tag form for IP.

Potential Candidates

  • Gα/Gβ
    • Gβ/Gγ are only stable when together
    • Gβ/Gγ and their interactions with Phosducin or PhLP are potentially superior candidates
      • There is a directly manipulatible interaction (BMW Lab has an inhibitor of that interaction)
      • Phosducin-Gβ/Gγ structures are known
  • GRB2/SOS
  • SH2 domain??
  • Phos/Jun
  • ERK2/MKP1 or MKP3
  • R2-AKAP