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Register your laptop with IT

here (uses your network card mac address)

Connecting to

SSH through purgatory

NOTE: The CSR folks will have to grant you permission to ssh into purgatory.

Install Prerequisites

On windows you will need to install some kind of ssh client. Some options:

  • cygwin (with openssh installed??) [this is a full linux-y implementation on windows]
  • Putty - a little standalone client [you'll need to figure this out -- when you do, put it here]

Create an ssh tunnel in linux-ish environment

This assumes you want to go to jp1 and your username is "<username>". If your username is the same, then leave off "<username>@".

ssh -N -L22000:<username> <username>

Now, leave that window alone and open a new terminal:

# log in to the internal server
ssh -p 22000 <username>@localhost
# scp stuff from the internal server
scp -P 22000 localhost:~/somefile.txt ./ # copy files from the internal server to local
# mount a folder from the internal server locally using sshfs
sshfs -o follow_symlinks -p 22000 localhost:/home/<user>/<internal_dir> /home/<user>/mnt
fusermount -u /home/<user>/mnt  # to unmount sshfs

Cut and Paste Instructions

If your user names are the same and you have your mounts in the chem directory on jp2, you can run this (make sure you have a $HOME/chem folder already made (mkdir $HOME/chem):

ssh -N

In a new terminal:

sshfs -o follow_symlinks -p 22000 localhost:$HOME/chem $HOME/chem

Setup ssh tunnel with gstm

sudo aptitude install gstm


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Install Prerequisites

sudo aptitude install vpnc network-manager-vpnc

Connect with vpnc command line client

sudo vpnc
Enter IPSec gateway address:
Enter IPSec ID for <YOUR GROUP>
Enter username for <USERNAME>
Enter password for <YOUR CHEMISTRY PASSWORD>
<YOUR GROUP> == Faculty or Research?? or Staff?? or Postdoc??  Students??
Must see CSR's in person to get the IPSec secret for your group.

Connect with vpnc wireless applet config

Left click your network indicator and you will see the VPN connections menu. Set it up, then start it.