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Lab Meetings are currently in C207 BNSN, Thursday at 11am.


Min Item Notes
15 science minute articles brought by those who are not presenting
45 presentations visual presentation (1-3 slides)
10-30 skill back in the lab

Current rotation

Each person presents every other week. Keep track of your own rotation for presenting.

Skill rotation: alphabetical by first name



  • 1-3 slides (visuals are preferred, bullets are acceptable)
  • name file with your last name and date: mylastname-2010-07-30.pdf
  • Preferred formats: pdf svg odp png jpg
  • Make them available in any of these convenient ways:
    1. Drop them into ~/lab/presentations/current (preferred)
    2. email them to me
    3. bring them on a key drive
    4. put them in my lab/presentations folder on Dropbox


  • Free & Open Source:
    • OpenOffice [~PowerPoint]
    • Inkscape [~Illustrator]
    • Gimp [~Photoshop]

Purpose of Lab Meeting

  • Visually report research
    1. keep everyone informed of what you are working on
    2. focus efforts towards accomplishing your project
    3. encourage meaningful contributions to the lab
    4. invite helpful feedback/collaboration
  • Keep current with science literature
    1. excellent, relevant science
    2. proteomics, bioinformatics, and systems biology
  • Learn how to do something useful