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Dr. Rodolfo Pinal's Biokorf, LLC, is creating prefabricated drug dosages that could be used by compounding pharmacists to support patient-centered, precision medicine (PCPM). The company’s technology makes pharmaceutical dosage forms in modular form from prefabricated components. The “pills” are patient-tailored in size and shape, with the precise dose and drug release characteristics that the physician prescribes for the individual patient. The Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization and Purdue Foundry have supported Biokorf officials throughout the process to translate the Purdue technology into a startup. Read more

  • In the Fall of 2014, Dr. Rodolfo Pinal was elected to the Purdue University Innovator Hall of Fame. The Innovator Hall of Fame recognizes Purdue faculty members who have developed new technologies and founded companies to bring their ideas to market. Dr. Pinal has been recognized for developing new technologies for precision compounding of drugs, commercialized through BioKorf, LLC.

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