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Physics 452: Biophysics, Spring 2008

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Midterm Exam (March 26)

The midterm will cover:

Nelson Chapter 1-9

Additional topics covered in class

One sheet (front/back) of handwritten notes will be allowed.

The exam will be written for 50 minutes, although you may stay as late as you wish to finish.

There will be:

  • One reading comprehension question from the book on a topic not covered in class.
  • One question on bio-chemistry terminology and concepts.
  • Three problems involving calculations chosen from the topics below:
    • Diffusion equation, Diffusion Contant, and the Diffusion probability distribution
    • Nernst Equation
    • Stokes Equation
    • Einstein relation
    • Poisson-Boltzmann/ Debye screening length
    • Viscosity/Reynolds number
    • Boltzmann distribution/partition functions
    • Entropic forces
    • Osmotic force
    • Reaction rates/Chemical equilibrium
    • Scatchard plots
    • Freely jointed chains
    • Worm like chains
    • Basic concepts and optics for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)