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Physics 452: Biophysics, Spring 2008

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Our Biology and Chemistry vocabulary list

Week by Week Calendar

Week Activities, Notes Links
Week 1
Jan 23
Lecture 1: A discussion about Biophysics in General, and Biophysics in the UNM Physics Department. Random Walks, Stokes-Einstein relation, time scales of diffusion in cell membranes and cytoplasm. (Nelson Chapter 4) Week 1
Week 2
Jan 28,30
Lecture 2: Basic structure and function of Eukaryotic cells. (Nelson Chapter 2) Diffusion through channels and membranes. (Nelson Chapter 4) Lecture 3: Quiz on basic biology terminology. Friction in fluids and low Reynolds number. (Nelson Chapter 5). Week 2
Week 3
Feb 4,6
No Classes: Biophysical Society Meeting Feb 2-6. Classes will be rescheduled at a later date.
Week 4
Feb 11,13
Lecture 4:: Basic chemistry in Biology, the Navier-Stokes equation, Reynolds number and low viscosity environments (Nelson Chapter 5).

Lecture 5:: Basic chemistry in Biology II, disorder, maximum entropy lead to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. Energy, enthalpy and free energies (Nelson Chapter 6).

Week 4
Week 5
Feb 18,20
Lecture 6:: Rate constants, chemical equilibrium, Arrhenius equation.

Lecture 7:: Quiz on basic biochemistry (postponed from Monday). Entropic forces.

Week 5
Week 6
Feb 25,27
Lecture 8:: Chemical Potential, Osmosis, Rate equations, Scatchard Plots

Lecture 9:: Gels, Freely jointed chains, 1D cooperative chain model.

Week 6
Week 7
March 3,5
Lecture 10:: Worm-Like Chain Model

Lecture 11:: Buffers, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy, Basic Microscope Optics.

Week 7
Week 8
March 10,12
Lecture 12:: Point Spread Function Calculations.

Lecture 13:: MATLAB PSF demo, Photodiode, Avalanche Photodiodes.

Week 8
Week 9
March 24,25,26
Lecture 14:: PMTs, CCDs, Exam Overview

Reveiw Session: Review for Exam/ Q&A problems session. 3:00pm, meet outside rm 5. March 26: Midterm Exam.

Midterm Links


Week 10
March 31,April 2
Lecture 15,16:: Parameter Estimation, Cramer-Rao Lower Bound, single fluorophore localization accuracy. Week 10
Week 11
April 7,9
Lecture 17:: Beer-Lambert Law, Protein and Nucleic Acid concentration measurements, Phospholipid nomenclature, Laser Classes.

Lab 1: Single Particle Tracking of Quantum Dot Labeled lipids in a DOPC bilayer.

Week 11
Week 12
April 14,16
Lecture 18,19:: Single Particle Tracking Analysis, lipid bilayer elasticity, Optical trap calibration for optical tweezers. Week 12
Week 13
April 21,23
Lecture 18: Molecular Motors. April 23: Quiz 3- click here for topics Week 13