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In open peer review valuable feedback and discussions generated during the peer review process of a scientific article are disclosed to the public rather than trashed, as is still unfortunately the norm. This opens up a treasure trove of information, opinions, criticism, and rebuttals to interested scientists and the general public.

Open review journals

  • BMJ - provides reviewer names since 1999 [1]
  • BioMed Central medical journals provide named reviews since 2000 [2]
  • Biology Direct, launched in 2006, has a fully open peer review process [3]
  • Frontiers review journals, improved their review process in 2007 [4] disclosing reviewer names, adding their comments to the review, and introducing a moderated post-publication community review [5]
  • EMBO J started publishing review material in 2009 for authors who opt in [6]
  • BMJ Open adds reviews to the previously published author names in 2011 [7]
  • eLife, created in 2012, publishes the decision letter and responses if authors opt [8]
  • F1000Research, created in 2012, is the 1st journal to use open post-publication review [9]

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