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11:03:38 ‹Bcanton› I hope so. 
11:07:36 ‹Bcanton› Austin's phonebridge seems to be up and working. Let's just hope it can be connected to the MIT phone bridge 
11:11:01 ‹Macowell› howdy 
11:18:49 ‹Macowell› Hey Berry, can you ask jason if the MIT soundbridge is up yet? 
11:30:30 ‹Jasonk› it should be up at 11:30 
11:30:59 ‹Jasonk› uh, now i guess. 
11:31:54 ‹Bcanton› can we get Austin to link the two soundbridges now? 
11:38:02 ‹Macowell› I'll go ask him 
11:40:44 ‹Jasonk› i am in the MIT soundbridge at the moment 
11:40:46 ‹Macowell› Ok. 
11:41:07 ‹Johncumbers› I'm just going to download the software and try it, 
11:41:15 ‹Johncumbers› can I join the call late austin? 
11:41:21 ‹Macowell› good idea 
11:41:54 ‹Bcanton› gizmo seems to work well on a mac if that's relevant 
11:42:25 ‹Austin› you can join the call at anytime 
11:42:32 ‹Austin› note that gizmo seems to require registration with them 
11:42:38 ‹Austin› there's probably just as good free ones that don't 
11:42:39 ‹Johncumbers› cool, just getting gizmo for the PC 
11:43:12 ‹Johncumbers› ah, can you recommend another? 
11:43:34 ‹Macowell› 
11:44:42 ‹Johncumbers› yeah, but can anyone recommend one? 
11:45:17 ‹Austin› I use twinkle but I don't think that's for PC. the xten or sjphone should be free 
11:45:57 ‹Ranta› Does anyone know about latency levels between SIP vs. skype? I just installed gizmo for my mac just now... 
11:46:13 ‹Jasonk› oh this is going to be a carnival  
11:46:27 ‹Bcanton› I'm using gizmo and it seems to respond pretty quick 
11:47:09 ‹Ranta› Is the SIPbridge up? ...might be worth a test... 
11:47:28 ‹Bcanton› yep, its up and working 
11:49:22 ‹Ranta› got connected by didn't have any sound... might have to opt for skype after all.... 
11:49:35 ‹Johncumbers› I 
11:49:58 ‹Johncumbers› I'm confused as to the difference between skype and all these VoIP wares, 
11:50:15 ‹Bcanton› basically, skype is a private network 
11:50:20 ‹Bcanton› all the others use a common standard 
11:50:26 ‹Johncumbers› SJphone says that I still need a provider like vonage to make calls outside of my local network 
11:50:33 ‹Bcanton› skype=aim 
11:50:35 ‹Austin› that's fine 
11:50:36 ‹Johncumbers› but I still have to pay for all of them? 
11:50:40 ‹Bcanton› sip=jabber 
11:50:48 ‹Austin› you don't need to make calls outside of your local network 
11:50:54 ‹Bcanton› no I had to register for gizmo but its free 
11:51:19 ‹Johncumbers› ok, I don't mind registering 
11:51:37 ‹Johncumbers› either way I can skype in if I don't have it set up in the next 4 mins 
11:52:14 ‹Jasonk› cumbers this is all on you  - virtual SC meeting, craziness 
11:53:00 ‹Jasonk› no sounds effects in the meeting! gizmo users! 
11:53:31 ‹Jasonk› haha, this is absurd, cumbers you might want to call in so you can see what you have wrought 
11:53:54 ‹Bcanton› sorry, I just had to put myself on hold to talk to the pizza delivery guy 
11:54:20 ‹Jasonk› hehe, everyone will recieve a personal pizza with their favorite toppings delivered to where they are in 5 min 
11:54:21 ‹Lucks› hi all 
11:54:44 ‹Jasonk› hi julius 
11:57:14 ‹Lucks› is the log of this chat recorded and stored on a wiki page? 
11:57:23 ‹Macowell› not exactly yet 
11:57:39 ‹Macowell› Austin is working on it, I think. 
11:57:47 ‹Macowell› Hi shri 
11:57:58 ‹Skosuri› Hello all 
11:58:05 ‹Bcanton› hi sri 
11:58:17 ‹Johncumbers› I don't want it stored, it doesn't check my speling.. 
12:02:29 ‹Skosuri›  
12:03:53 ‹Johncumbers› notetaking.. 
12:04:25 ‹Johncumbers› Mattius is site analytics guy 
12:04:35 ‹Johncumbers› Jason: chair 
12:04:44 ‹Johncumbers› Julius: outreach Boston, Vincent Europe 
12:04:53 ‹Johncumbers› Secretary: John & Sri 
12:04:59 ‹Johncumbers› Publishing: John & Julius 
12:05:10 ‹Johncumbers› Jason thanks you all. 
12:05:28 ‹Johncumbers› Agenda: blogs, forum, public wiki 
12:07:29 ‹Johncumbers› was that just me, or did the line go all weird? 
12:07:31 ‹Bcanton› Communications chair: why not just continue to leave this up to members of the admin email list? 
12:08:01 ‹Bcanton› maybe we just need to find somewhere to store emails from people who say they have skill X 
12:08:07 ‹Jasonk› yeah i think the admin duties would go to the comm chair and their team... 
12:08:10 ‹Rshetty› nothing went strange for me 
12:08:43 ‹Austin› are we supposed to get a report from these people at each meeting? 
12:08:51 ‹Austin› what are these people's duties? 
12:09:46 ‹Rshetty› i think it explains things on that page 
12:09:57 ‹Rshetty› as to what each position is supposed to do 
12:10:30 ‹Macowell› sri, can you paste a link to an example mediawiki blog here in the chat? 
12:10:44 ‹Johncumbers› Implementing blog into OWW, options: iframe embed from e.g blogger. install RSS plug-in for mediawiki 
12:11:07 ‹Johncumbers› RSS agreed easier for now 
12:12:47 ‹Rshetty› here is a mediawiki blog ... 
12:13:19 ‹Johncumbers› Die Auto von Notafish 
12:13:32 ‹Rshetty› 
12:15:09 ‹Johncumbers› how to make forums integrated, or if to.. 
12:15:15 ‹Austin› welcome ilya 
12:16:21 ‹Johncumbers› HI Ilya 
12:16:34 ‹Ilya› hi guys 
12:18:34 ‹Johncumbers› 
12:18:44 ‹Bcanton› is anyone other than John having a problem hearing me? 
12:18:52 ‹Jasonk› nope 
12:19:00 ‹Rshetty› no 
12:19:14 ‹Ilya› no 
12:20:30 ‹Bcanton› I guess I think the model of people saying, I have time to waste, I'll go visit the forum and see what's happening is unlikely. 
12:20:33 ‹Austin› ... ecentchanges&namespace=1 
12:20:54 ‹Bcanton› (quotation marks don't seem to work) 
12:21:06 ‹Bcanton› '' `` 
12:21:16 ‹Austin› what? 
12:21:23 ‹Austin› I see 
12:21:28 ‹Bcanton› quotation marks between the arrows   
12:22:08 ‹Bcanton› I guess I think the model of people saying, ''I have time to waste, I'll go visit the forum and see what's happening'' is unlikely. 
12:22:16 ‹Johncumbers› So OpenId was implemented in Pligg last week by someone, : 
12:22:51 ‹Bcanton› I think people either have a question on a specific topic or they have alerts or some sort of ''watchlist'' set up. 
12:22:51 ‹Jasonk› barry, well what you need is -- i have a aquestion if i post it here, someone will actually see it 
12:22:52 ‹Johncumbers› the code is not yet public 
12:23:31 ‹Bcanton› Jason - agreed, its not clear to me that a disconnected forum will solve that problem 
12:26:48 ‹Bcanton› we could email the protocols-online guy to ask if he has any plans to implement openID, I'm in favor of the ''partner with existing communities'' model 
12:27:42 ‹Rshetty› but would that be mutual ... i.e. all protocols-online users get OWW accounts? 
12:27:43 ‹Johncumbers› forum options: 1) e.g phpBoard with OpenId, 2) Pligg with OpenID, 3) within wikimedia 
12:28:03 ‹Austin› wiki chat not enabled for all oww users by default 
12:28:12 ‹Austin› not  now 
12:28:17 ‹Rshetty› cause protocols-online doesn't screen applicants in any way i think 
12:32:25 ‹Johncumbers› you can try out OpenID, by logging into this website with your oww userpage URL 
12:32:39 ‹Austin› my username already exists and it doesn't let me change it 
12:32:39 ‹Johncumbers› you can choose to give them your e-mail address or not 
12:32:57 ‹Austin› so it won't let me log in 
12:33:18 ‹Johncumbers› on that website I sent? 
12:33:31 ‹Austin› yes 
12:33:40 ‹Johncumbers› uname austin? 
12:33:40 ‹Austin› did it automatically pick a username that matches your oww one? 
12:34:44 ‹Johncumbers› mmm, gimme a sec 
12:37:34 ‹Skosuri› 
12:38:49 ‹Austin› protocol online uses invision forum software 
12:39:52 ‹Johncumbers› mmm, so that pligg openID tried to authenticate with OWW, I allowed it, but then it didn't log me in, so it looks like there is something not right. but myopenid logged me in okay.. 
12:41:06 ‹Johncumbers› talking about approving sub-wiki's 
12:41:13 ‹Johncumbers› public sub-wiki's 
12:42:48 ‹Johncumbers› now talking about making private wiki's for all who want them 
12:48:50 ‹Macowell› the main benefits of using sub-wikis are: larger namespace, easier backup process 
12:50:30 ‹Macowell› problems: have to use interwiki links to link to content on the main oww mediawiki(? or just to other sub-wikis?), someone has to maintain the subwikis separately 
12:50:34 ‹Lucks› can someone give me the link to the new lab tutorial? 
12:51:42 ‹Rshetty› tarting_a_lab_wiki" onclick=",'_blank');return false;"> 
12:51:54 ‹Rshetty› Click on Help at the left side of the page 
12:51:56 ‹Austin› we'll have to disable smileys 
12:52:55 ‹Rshetty› then look at the icons ... one is for starting a lab 
12:53:45 ‹Skosuri› BARRY: you are echoing  
12:53:52 ‹Rshetty› sorry the link i got pasted got mangled by the smilies 
12:54:02 ‹Rshetty› smileys 
12:54:34 ‹Macowell› lost half of the audio 
12:54:35 ‹Lucks› i got it thanks 
12:54:40 ‹Skosuri› lost audio 
12:54:56 ‹Macowell› I think we lost the mit audiobridge: berry, ? 
12:55:28 ‹Macowell› oh, sorry: jason, sri. Ok, they're back. 
12:55:29 ‹Skosuri› we're back 
12:56:03 ‹Macowell› I think oww will be getting content and users out of it. 
12:56:26 ‹Macowell› (oww will have positive benefits if igem users use it) 
12:56:49 ‹Bcanton› but they will be using their public subwiki not OWW and we have no tools to share content between the wikis 
12:57:47 ‹Macowell› reshma points out that special action would have to be taken to accomodate all the igem users. 
13:05:27 ‹Macowell› teering_committee/What_positions_would_be_useful" onclick=",'_blank');return false;"> ... ons_would_be_useful 
13:11:05 ‹Macowell› '' 
13:13:02 ‹Macowell› Oh, so that's not the correct link. 
13:15:40 ‹Johncumbers› me too 
13:16:17 ‹Skosuri› see you guys later! 
13:16:54 ‹Bcanton› later. 
13:18:05 ‹Rshetty› bye