OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - March 2007

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Notes from the March 9, 2007 steering committee meeting.

Audio from meeting.

Chat session from the meeting


new SC Positions



RSS -- Way to make RSS feeds on certain pages. Why just the recent changes. Would be useful. Approved as worthwhile extension. iFrame -- way to imbed other pages... could put other pages.

Send a link to blogs on Mediawiki to Mac


  • always up-to-date scientific reviews maintained by the OWW community. Sign up to write one / curate one, or join the mailing list if you want to help out.

Forum Software

Main goal: We're decent chat's sometime: What discussions are going on? Where are they going on? How do we get users to feel like they are contributing?

Good idea, bad idea? Talked to protocol online LiquidThreads -> for discussion pages

Does it make sense to have a separate software distribution: Critical Mass of users?

RecentChangesDiscussion page.. Austin already made it,

Jon implementing

Link on bottom of protocol: Talk about protocol here?

Most popular page... activity of changes... Ilya Should be able to do this using DynamicPageList


  • Considered doing a trial of a public subwiki, where the userbase would be shared with OWW but the wiki would be independent. If an interesting one comes along, we'll consider doing it. Not clear if this is a good idea, you can debate it here.


  • approved the RSS feed extension
  • approved the syntax highlighting extension
  • did not approve the R extension (allows people to run MATLAB scripts on the server) for security/server load issues.