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Chat session

07/02/2008 14:05:11 ‹Await› waves
07/02/2008 16:53:23 ‹Await› hey austin
07/02/2008 16:54:14 ‹Await› and ricardo
07/02/2008 16:55:12 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Hey
07/02/2008 16:55:27 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I'll be right back. :)
07/02/2008 16:58:11 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› hey all
07/02/2008 16:59:47 ‹Lorrie› Hello
07/02/2008 17:00:30 ‹Hoatlinm› hi
07/02/2008 17:02:32 ‹Mackenzie L. Cowell› yo
07/02/2008 17:02:48 ‹Vincent Rouilly› hola
07/02/2008 17:03:01 ‹Barry Canton› hi all
07/02/2008 17:04:37 ‹Austin J. Che› Is Bill coming?
07/02/2008 17:07:58 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› bill is on the phone
07/02/2008 17:07:59 ‹Await› is there a link to lab notebooks somewhere? 
07/02/2008 17:09:20 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› if folks want to post to the SC blog, ask jason for access
07/02/2008 17:10:11 ‹Barry Canton› @Sasha: If you are logged in, you should see a link to "My Lab Notebook" on the top right (you might need to check your preferences first).
07/02/2008 17:10:26 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› Lorrie is working on putting together help documentation
07/02/2008 17:10:35 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› on the lab notebook
07/02/2008 17:11:16 ‹Jason R. Kelly›
07/02/2008 17:11:22 ‹Jason R. Kelly› these are results of the survey
07/02/2008 17:16:19 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› I briefly looked over the survey and actually found the results kind of interesting
07/02/2008 17:16:36 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› like the fact that most users are fine with other people editing their pages
07/02/2008 17:16:37 ‹Jason R. Kelly› what'd you fuind?
07/02/2008 17:16:42 ‹Jason R. Kelly› cool
07/02/2008 17:16:55 ‹Austin J. Che› people want a OWW conference
07/02/2008 17:17:01 ‹Ricardo Vidal› are there recent site stats avaiable?
07/02/2008 17:17:59 ‹Vincent Rouilly› stats are from 1 week ago.
07/02/2008 17:20:44 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Vincent, can you give me a link?
07/02/2008 17:21:21 ‹Barry Canton› Ricardo, are you asking for a link to the survey results or for site wide stats like page views?
07/02/2008 17:21:35 ‹Ricardo Vidal› site wide stats
07/02/2008 17:21:55 ‹Vincent Rouilly› link to the results ? see Jason's post 17:11:16
07/02/2008 17:22:25 ‹Barry Canton› we have Google analytics running on the site, I think Jason or Bill can give you access.
07/02/2008 17:23:04 ‹Vincent Rouilly› I'll be happy to have access too to the Google Analytics.
07/02/2008 17:23:21 ‹Jason R. Kelly› email bill abotu it vincent
07/02/2008 17:23:48 ‹Austin J. Che›
07/02/2008 17:24:26 ‹Austin J. Che›
07/02/2008 17:27:11 ‹Jason R. Kelly›
07/02/2008 17:27:15 ‹Jason R. Kelly› post about publishing
07/02/2008 17:27:19 ‹Jason R. Kelly› from john
07/02/2008 17:27:32 ‹Jason R. Kelly› wiki here:
07/02/2008 17:27:32 ‹Jason R. Kelly›
07/02/2008 17:30:14 ‹Await› I have another meeting but I'll log.   It's always exciting to watch OWW unfolding. :)
07/02/2008 17:30:34 ‹Barry Canton› Thanks Sasha.
07/02/2008 17:30:41 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› yes thanks
07/02/2008 17:31:00 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› also john, I changed the main page according to your suggestion
07/02/2008 17:31:02 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› see what you think
07/02/2008 17:31:17 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› ahh i guess john isn't in the chat
07/02/2008 17:31:24 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› but other folks can take a look
07/02/2008 17:31:42 ‹Hoatlinm› nice!
07/02/2008 17:33:13 ‹Jason R. Kelly› i like that idea a lot
07/02/2008 17:33:23 ‹Jason R. Kelly› also feeds in well with the lab ntoebooks
07/02/2008 17:34:02 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I do too. It's also related to the seal of approval idea Lorrie spoke about.
07/02/2008 17:34:21 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› it is pretty similar in spirit to what we were talking about in terms of capturing info that doesn't have an outlet right now
07/02/2008 17:34:31 ‹Austin J. Che› The "OpenWetWare:New users" list is technically different from what's shown on the main page. So when people click "all users" they might not see what they expect
07/02/2008 17:34:57 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› yes ... the "OpenWetWare:New Users" is based on the RSS feed
07/02/2008 17:35:04 ‹Ricardo Vidal› When a protocol has reached a certain point of "oww" review, it could be given a green light for general approval and then a DOI could be attributed.
07/02/2008 17:35:16 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› it has the advantage of showing what people's affliation is
07/02/2008 17:35:19 ‹Julius B. Lucks› good job on the main page Reshma
07/02/2008 17:36:08 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› but we don't have as much control over how the RSS feed is formatted
07/02/2008 17:36:11 ‹Lorrie› There's either a board of reviewers, or something more 2.0-ish where once a doc has so many positive votes, it automatically gets the seal.
07/02/2008 17:36:22 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› so it doesn't look very good on the main page
07/02/2008 17:36:34 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Lorrie, I agree.
07/02/2008 17:40:07 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› @Austin, if you don't like the different formatting on the "OpenWetWare:New Users" page, we can change it
07/02/2008 17:41:23 ‹Jason R. Kelly› just in case ppl dont know about igem
07/02/2008 17:41:23 ‹Jason R. Kelly›
07/02/2008 17:43:20 ‹Ricardo Vidal› The community activity is what is important. At this moment it looks like people are keeping to their own section of the wiki. And don't really stem out towards other labs and whatnot.
07/02/2008 17:43:38 ‹Ricardo Vidal› (sorry, at the library again and can't talk :)
07/02/2008 17:43:58 ‹Julius B. Lucks› Ricordo - I completely agree
07/02/2008 17:44:18 ‹Julius B. Lucks› any ideas of how to do a better job of coordinating that?
07/02/2008 17:44:30 ‹Austin J. Che› it's not the different formatting of the New Users page. the actual list of names is different
07/02/2008 17:44:38 ‹Julius B. Lucks› (soryy - Ricardo not Recordo)
07/02/2008 17:45:05 ‹Julius B. Lucks› (I can't type)
07/02/2008 17:45:07 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I think the blog should be an extra. Because it's pulls you away from the wiki.
07/02/2008 17:45:27 ‹Ricardo Vidal› The community portal should have user highlights, protocol hightlights, etc
07/02/2008 17:45:27 ‹Julius B. Lucks› what do you mean by extra?
07/02/2008 17:46:33 ‹Ricardo Vidal› the minute a user clicks on a link in the wiki and is taken to the blog, he's leaving the community and reading another single user or groups ideas
07/02/2008 17:47:10 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› hmm i am not sure why the lists are different
07/02/2008 17:47:13 ‹Barry Canton› I agree with you here Ricardo
07/02/2008 17:47:28 ‹Austin J. Che› because the dpl uses a template which may or may not be present on new user pages
07/02/2008 17:47:39 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› ok
07/02/2008 17:48:05 ‹Austin J. Che› simple case: I can add myself to the front page by adding that template to my page
07/02/2008 17:48:25 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› @austin, yes I understand
07/02/2008 17:49:14 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› @austin, do you suggest I change the new users page?
07/02/2008 17:49:58 ‹Ricardo Vidal› the community page should resemble a portal and will require active work by someone or a group of people.
07/02/2008 17:50:08 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› @austin, cause like I said, we can't format the RSS feed of new users well enough for the main page
07/02/2008 17:50:42 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I agree
07/02/2008 17:52:41 ‹Ricardo Vidal› yes, to show what is going on in general
07/02/2008 17:54:05 ‹Ricardo Vidal› sounds great.
07/02/2008 18:02:21 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Cameron Neylon has a good post regarding these issues and guidlines
07/02/2008 18:02:35 ‹Jason R. Kelly› yeah was just gonna say that
07/02/2008 18:02:39 ‹Jason R. Kelly› looking for ht elink
07/02/2008 18:03:31 ‹Ricardo Vidal›
07/02/2008 18:03:37 ‹Jason R. Kelly› thanks
07/02/2008 18:04:50 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› i gotta run but bye folks
07/02/2008 18:06:32 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Great meeting. Bye guys