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Welcome to OpenWetWare! We have automatically created this home page to make it easy for you to get started contributing to OWW. We hope that you post your ongoing projects so others can find out what you are doing, and maybe even contribute or collaborate with you!

The first step is to familiarize yourself with a wiki. See below for some tips to get you started making this page yours. Don't be afraid to edit! One of the great things about the wiki is that everything is saved so if you can make a mistake you can always undo.

Eventually when you are comfortable, you can remove this intro and add something about yourself. We encourage you to do this so that other OWW members can start learning about all of your interesting work!

Basic Wiki Instructions

  1. Start off by clicking the 'edit' button to the right of this section.
  2. Now you should see the text of this section as text within an editor box. There are several buttons in the editor box, but don't worry about those for now. Just type something in the box, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the 'Preview' button.
  3. You should now see the web-page and text box views, but now with your edits!
  4. That's almost all you need to do to create your own text. There are of course many more ways to format your text. The easiest way to learn is to find an OWW page with the formatting you like, click on that edit button again, and see for yourself how it was created in that text box. If you want, you can also look at a list of formatting options and what they look at by clicking on this link. Or follow another tutorial to practice.
  5. When you are done, remove these instructions by clicking the edit button for this section again, erase everything you see in the text box and click 'Save Page'. (And remember you can always retrieve these by clicking on the 'history' tab at the top of this page.)

Personal/Lab Info

You also have a user page (click on the link to see). This is a good place to put any personal info about yourself. Use the Personal/Lab Info space right here to put some academic details about yourself such as what you work on or which lab you are in.

My Projects

You can easily create pages for all of your projects. We have created one for you called Sample Project that gives you an idea of how to make a project page. Feel free to edit that page, or copy and paste it into a new project page to help you get started posting some of your interesting material so other OWW members can learn from you!

To create a new project, edit this section and copy the Sample Project link, change the name, save your edits, and click on the new name to start filling out that page.