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Some defined positions in the steering committee would help meetings be more efficient as well as potentially encourage new people to join in by having defined roles for them to plug into. This discussion is intended to outline the roles we would find useful (even if we don't have anyone willing to fill them immediately). It's fine if more than one person wants to do any of these - don't think it can really hurt to have more people working on them. So just sign yourself up! :)


Site analytics chairs


  • tracks and reports on site traffic, membership rates, etc.
    • --Ranta 14:44, 8 March 2007 (EST) : I might be interested in contributing in this area, on the other hand I suspect it makes more sense to have someone local & with server access for this post...
      • Jasonk 15:23, 12 March 2007 (EDT):We can work that out. Getting access to the reports can be done without requiring server access, I'll get in touch with you about it.
        • Ranta: I just wanted to make sure so we don't add too much overhead work for that bit. But I guess there shouldn't be any real problems


  • leads meetings
  • Nominees: I think it would be great to get this in the hands of someone not at MIT.... any takers?


  • takes notes at meetings, posts on OWW.

Software chairs

Austin Che, Mac Cowell

  • Suggests new extensions to incorporate, keeps up with existing extensions

Communications chairs

  • replies to emails to admin list from OWW members
  • Heads up the welcoming group

Outreach chairs

Lucks (Boston), Vincent (London), Julie Norville

  • (encouraging sign-ups, and new labs to join)

News and highlights chairs

Jennifer Braff

  • I might be interested in coordinating this area and contributing as appropriate, though I think it is important that all users are able to contribute here. Perhaps this position has two aspects: 1) to make sure that relevant news gets posted and 2) to encourage/facilitate the sharing of news and highlights by various members of the community. -jen

Publishing chair

Lucks, John Cumbers, Julie Norville

  • work with publishers to provide incentives for sharing information that isn't traditional peer-reviewed pubs.
    • --Lucks 10:58, 17 February 2007 (EST): Another task would be to find out which publishers would be keen on accepting content that had already been put up on OWW. Or how to define the process from migrating OWW content to official publication.