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This is for a quick presentation to the MediaWiki hackers at Wikimania 2006.

Available tools

  • Dewikify
  • Personalized wiki
    • Recent changes filtering
    • Default home page
    • User sidebar
  • User management system
  • Scientific information presentation
    • LatexDoc (collaborate on papers, bibtex)
    • WikiTex (chemical diagrams, graphs)

Needed tools


  • Laboratory management (what reagents are in the freezer?)
  • Better user group system
  • Private pages
    • In a way that is non-obtrusive. e.g. I don't want to be banging into private pages all the time if I'm browsing the site...


  • Wiki database
  • Semantic info
  • Integrated discussion boards.
  • A tool to monitor who is "watching" a page/namespace
    • This would be great because it would let communities build up around a particular protocol for instance. So if I was having trouble with a protocol, I could potentially email some of the people that we're watching it to get some help, etc.
  • Process bibtex files into well formatted wikitext.
  • Easy ability to embed more complicated viewing/editing tools (perhaps some API?). For example, a genome browser.
  • Example of putting parts registry completely into wiki


  • Methods to easily 'publish to OWW'
  • Easy connection with publishers ('send to Nature')
  • Citations. Have Cite extension but would be ideal to have a doi per page.

Personalized wiki

  • More customizable recent changes (SpecialRecentChanges is a great start, but is a bit confusing for new users, maybe SpecialRecChanges w/ a prettier UI), for instance, I should be able to see all changes by a subset of users, all changes to pages I'm "watching", and all changes to a list of namespaces (e.g., Endy:, Knight:).
  • Tagging - I should be able to tag pages so that i can organize them for myself (for instance, I could tag DNA ligation as 'Protocol', 'DNA'). This way I could then look at my protocol tag and only get the protocols I care about rather than having to navigate the entire protocols section. The other advantage of this, of course, is to allow us to then aggregate the user generated tagging information in order to organize the general protocols area.


  • Bulk image upload
  • Ability to select a piece of text on a page and see who edited that text rather than trying to look through the edit history for an unattributed comment.