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Julius B. Lucks 15:59, 5 October 2007 (EDT): The idea would be to have wikitext injected into a page automatically, with some variables pre-defined. This would be a substitute to the current template system, which is unweildy for complicated templates.

My typical use case is for keeping notes in a bibliography. I keep a bibliography page at Julius_B._Lucks/Bibliography. When I add an entry, I also create a notes page for that entry - see for example Julius_B._Lucks/Bibliography/Ham-BiotechBioengineering-94-2006.

The minimal use case scenario would be to be able to auto-inject some text into a new notes page. Something like:

= Notes on <cite>$KEY</cite> =

= References =
<biblio force=false>

#[[Julius B. Lucks/Bibliography]]

where $KEY is the bibliography key for that paper.

A more advanced use case scenario would be to also inject the bibliography entry for that paper into the bibliography page.