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I placed a copy of the message in the wiki in the community forum. See it here at


For now on, we'll follow the same procedure.

1. Submit the email message to me. If we need to we can automate it someday but not for now. 2. I'll add the unsubscribe indication to the end of the message. No need to include it in the body. 3. I'll test the message to make sure on receipt it looks correct. 4. I'll send the mail message the same way we did this time: a simple script that knows about the opt out members, etc. 5. I'll track the number sent and the number of bad email addresses in the list. 6. I'll remove any addresses from the list that are found to be bad (i.e., bad characters, no @ sign, etc.). 7. For each of the bounced messages, I'll use a script I had written to purge the addresses from the databases and mark the recipients as having a bad address. 8. I'll expunge the email addresses from the original message. 9. I'll save the message in the same directory.

It would be a good idea to use the 'talk' page for the message to indicate any specific comments we get back about the message.

From the looks of it we have seen less than 100 bounces so far out of around 4600 messages.

Thanks to Ilya and Austin for helping to track down the spam alert that was placed against OWW by one of the automatic warning apps people subscribe to. We would have had an excessively high bounce rate if the message went out before we fixed it.