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  • Jason R. Kelly:The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss/better clarify the new account policy on OpenWetWare. There are a number of applications back-logged that are on the fence and I'd like to get them cleared up. Additionally, the policy has been relatively informal to date (maybe a good thing), and might be worth clarifying.


  1. Approve-industry email in UMS
  2. Reject-view soruce email in UMS
  3. Flag users for watch list? technically feasible?
  4. Update the Join page
  5. Process for blocking users / evaluating pseudoscience / advertising / etc; bring up at SC meeting.


  1. Policy page thats linked to from block page should be filled out. (just linked to etiquette)
  2. Update move guidlines onto accounts page


  • Institutional Affiliation?
    • What about people from companies who want to advertise their product (or their conferences)?
    • What about people with no current academic affiliation?
  • People who just want access to OWW tools? (e.g. "want to learn how the biblo extension works?")
  • Teachers/students from high schools?
  • Procedure for blocking people who spam?
  • add items...


Wikipedia article on Modifying and Creating policy

Policy pages on OWW


Time will be M, 6/18 @ Noon-1pm.