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I currently work on the Data Conservancy project, and am a part of the Data Practices working group. <tab>Specifically, I am working on drafting a collection policy that will articulate the selection, acquisition, and deaccessioning criteria for the archive. My notebook on this work is called DC_CollectionPolicy (and yes, that rhymes).


This summer I completed an internship with DataONE, my notebook for this project and ongoing publishing efforts can be found here.


I've recently started thinking about epidemiology as a domain I might like to explore. My motivation is the numerous datasets, and datatypes utilized by this group of researchers is unique, and widely disseminated. Their work is widely consumed and their methods are interdisciplinary / cross-disciplinary. The development of an Ontology ( [1]) and the semantic mark-up of papers ( [2]) in this domain is also very intriguing to me. If you've got any other suggestions for material I might look at please leave me a comment!

(More to Come)

Data Re-Use Taxonomy: I am interested in creating a model of how data is reused, what are the main activities and what are the component parts. Many studies have been done, such as Ellis' model of information seeking behavior-- and Unsworth's Scholarly primitives-- and Zimmermans thesis could be tremendously helpful.

Tracking effect of NSF DMP policy Evaluate elements of DMP's for large awardees in 2011.

Visualization of Bibliometric Data An overview of techniques for conveying bibliometric data in more dynamic visualizations.