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Comments from Jan's Lab

  1. (from Devo). I think that it would be helpful to discuss how you make the extracts so that everyone in Jan's understands when you need eggs, how many eggs you need, how they need to be collected, and how much advance warning you need from us about our spawning schedule, etc. It recently became obvious that not every one in Jan's lab is aware of how you use the eggs and what sort of constraints you have (e.g., the length of time it takes to make extracts, so you don't want eggs in the afternoon.) That said, many of us prefer to wait until after 12 noon to begin fertilizing eggs, so we would LOVE to get our hands on frogs that are giving in the afternoon.
  2. (from nate). Hi Hoatlin lab, I'm the tech in Jan's lab that cares for the frogs. To answer your question Stacie, the maximum capacity for the big tanks is 60 frogs. We might be able to take on another 20-30 frogs, but we are pretty much at full capacity right now. As I'm sure everyone knows, our colony was devastated about 6 months ago by disease, etc. At that time, there were so few frogs that we went through all of them in a short period of time and that is why we are in this mess right now. The good news is that tank number 3 has a rest date of 1/25/07 on it, however these are all new frogs that we just got in on 1/25 and they haven't been squeezed before. I usually like them to rest for a month or two because the move is stressful on them, but by the time we are done with the current use tank it will be fine to use the ones in tank #3. That should put everything back on schedule. I will make sure that we use tank 3 next.

Comments from Maureen's Lab

  1. --Stacie 19:11, 26 February 2007 (EST) In order for us to use eggs they need to be spawned in 1X MMR (we are happy to provide 10X MMR any time for eggs, please let us know if you get low 4-5427). Extracts are best if eggs are spawned at 17 degrees and are relatively fresh (<3-4 hours old). In addition we find that preprimed frogs (48 hours to 2 weeks before HCG injections) are by far better producers of eggs.
  1. --Alexis 19:50, 26 February 2007 (EST) Email seems to work well to notify me (lachapel@ohsu.edu)/our lab (4-5427) when Christian lab is spawning. The earlier notice the better so I can plan time for extracts and not waste eggs. I will use Christian lab leftovers until crisis situation eases up. I'll check before taking frogs if we absolutely need eggs when no one is spawning.