Moore Notes 9 30 08

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Phone Conference Call (JG, JE, KP)

  • Website update
    • Steve's html needs to be converted to media wiki (JE will send link)
    • Steve will send billing info and an estimate to Davis
  • Sequence data
    • chromatograms: raw vs. "cleaned up" (Phred/Phrap)
    • processing produces: sequence & quality score files
  • Progress report
    • due 10/7 (1 week extension)
    • JE lab: writing text on wiki
    • JG: lab will add text to wiki plus poster
    • KP: personnel
    • JE: will write about Kepler/CAMERA
    • KP: educational materials and tutorial
  • Conference call logistics
    • Skype call in is cheap
    • KP: will organize call and tell everyone to get accounts
    • JG: will schedule on calendar
    • Tuesdays 10-11am
  • Discussion of iSEEM team members visiting other labs
  • Discussion of human microbiome projects