Moore Notes 9 17 08

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PI iChat: JG, KP, JE

  • Openwetware website
    • Pages:
      • Home: logo and brief project summary
      • Project: detailed project summary, links to subprojects
      • People: photo of each person
      • Pubs/talks/media
      • News: activities, e.g. conferences, talks
      • Calendar
      • Links: Eisengroup wiki, citeulike, others
      • Private (?) - JE is checking into this
    • Steve Green will bill UCD for his time
  • Personnel recap
    • Steve will start Nov. 1
    • Josh will start Oct. 22
    • Sam will start some time this Fall
    • Katie will check in with Tom Sharpton in a few weeks
    • James is transitioning to full time on iSEEM
  • Subcontract to Gladstone/UCSF is on its way
  • Review article: possible topics
    • targeted vs. not
    • sampling issues
    • phylogenetic similarity metrics (JG paper)
  • JG lab and new hires need tutorial in sequence processing and alignment
    • Idea: wiki page documenting the process, to be done by Srijak
    • Examples: targeted and non-targeted sequences
    • Only need a few for the demo (JG will send data)