Moore Notes 8 6 08

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  • Discussing video conferencing set up
    • Jess discussed multiple options
    • Maratech system is a web server based system
      • NCEAS using it
      • We might be able to use it a bit
    • Jonathan suggests asking Moore
  • Selected Dec 15-16 as Quarterly meeting date
  • Jess suggested using Zotero for reference tracking
  • Steve will be working on a web page this week
  • Need to add a FAQ page
  • Need central location for project and for blogs, wiki, discussions
  • Should make OWW page
  • Will still use Eisen lab wiki for private stuff
    • Will make home page with links to private pages
  • Jess mentioned a new paper on microbial diversity called "the rational exploration of microbial diversity" and has some quesitons

  • To do
    • Eisen will start OWW
    • Jess contact NCEAS about video
    • Eisen will invite to Google Group
    • KP will talk to Gladstone about Video conference