Moore Notes 7 23 08

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Participating: Jessica Green, Katie Pollard

Conference calls

  • Group call next week and bi-weekly thereafter
  • JE looking into video conference technology
  • KP will check what is available at UCSF
  • Steve Kembel suggested: Marratech

Review paper

  • Will use the second half of the call next week (JE, JG, KP only) to work on outline
  • This week: complete literature review - organize and read


  • Look into using citeulike to organize bibliography longer term and for review
  • Some of the possible tags we discussed:
    • PLoSCB08 (for the review)
    • empirical
    • methods
    • diversity
    • geography
    • phylogenetics
    • popgenetics
    • OTUs
    • sequencing
    • alignment
    • dbs/webtools
    • transcriptomics
    • proteomics
    • metabolomics
    • dataset