Moore Notes 11 11 08

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JG and KP Skype chat

  • Our lab members need UC Davis computer accounts
    • Step 1: Get emails for kerberos pwds
    • Step 2: Get accounts on Genome Center clusters
    • JE needs to initiate the process
  • OWW website
    • Steve Green posted a hotsprings photo - move to another page, put Kunkel on home page
    • Sections under Members Only "Notes" for notes, data, etc. from lab-specific projects
  • New people/projects
    • Steve Kembel will start working with data as soon as he has computer accounts set up
      • DeLong (environmental gradient) vs. GOS (large spacial scale data) - what to focus on?
    • Pollard lab postdocs are reading for another week or two, should start with data soon