Moore Notes 10 28 08

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PI Conference Call (JG, JE, KP)

  • OWW website
    • calendar planning
    • JE and OWW are still working on the private page
  • Update on Genographic project
    • H. pylori papers (M. Achtman and colleagues)
      • Papers for project with Pierre to read include: PLoS Pathogens (Horizontal versus familial transmittal of H pyroli). People doing H pyroli only people that have looked at coevolution of human + pathogen. Jay Solnick works on Helicobacter pyroli at UCD to look at H pyroli infected and not infected monkeys. They are not tracking migration, but trying to see if H pyroli is mutualist some of the time. Already read Lintz and Ackman (February 2007 in Nature). Has been posted on citeulike. These have been tagged under pop gen. Genographic tag.
    • JE collaboration with J. Solnick
    • Will human microbiome people fund stuff like this? JE asked if they knew of ways to get samples to get characterized.
  • Book chapter and/or PLoS Comp Bio review
  • OTUs
    • Marcel Huntiman (JGI) developed computational way to identify OTUs is giving talk in Eisen lab today. This should make it possible to generate co-occurence matrices.
  • Personnel
    • Josh is at UCSF. He is interested in working with co-occurrence data. Linking his past research to metagenomics data.
  • Next conference call will be a group call
    • read Martin's paper, discuss next week
    • Perhaps James can discuss his work.
    • Jess will e-mail about iSEEM page.