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November 7 2008

  • James, Jess, Steve will meet weekly on Fridays from now on
    • Meetings will be a mixture of progress reports, brainstorming/analysis, and working together to learn new ideas/techniques
    • May pick a topic/paper to focus on and discuss at future meetings
    • Also may meet informally for microbial ecology/genomics journal club, or could roll these meetings into existing iSeem meetings?
  • Next week we will sit down and work with some metagenomic data
    • Steve will download/run AMPHORA and generate representative data
    • We may need to contact Martin/Jonathan re: the Sargasso Sea analysis they mention in their paper. Did they use data from CAMERA + AMPHORA or ???
    • Steve has a Linux server that he will set up for the lab to use in the short term for file storage and basic analysis but we should obtain a better lab server/compute node. Steve to look into this, should purchase ASAP.
  • Discussed datasets to work on initially
    • DeLong and GOS are good datasets to start with
      • DeLong less global but samples along a strong environmental gradient, good metadata
      • GOS global but less metadata, weaker gradients