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What is on the Mimulus Community Wiki page?

Why do we want to learn about the Wiki?

  1. It is an easy way for everyone to communicate about their research
  2. Todd Vision is going to use a Wiki for analysis of the genome
  3. We are the first hit on Google for "Mimulus Community" (and the 6th hit for "Mimulus")

Okay, so how do we edit the Wiki page?

  1. Check out the help contents
  2. Take the [Wikipedia tutorial] and play in the sandbox

What are some of things that I can do with my wiki page?

  1. Do wild formating
  2. Create links to favorite websites
  3. Upload and download useful spreadsheets
  4. Put pdfs and images on Wiki pages
  5. Help the Mimulus community better know what is out there!

Okay, I want to get started. What should I do?

What about this dewikify thing?

  • It's in the works. In the meantime, it would be best if all new pages are created with the heading "Mimulus:Name." That way it will be easier to have everything become dewikified at once.

What is OpenWetWare?

It was founded by a group of scientists at MIT. The overall idea is open source biology that can easily be shared by all scientists. An article about its development can be found here.