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General guidelines

  • Safety glasses and lab coats are required for all work in the lab. Gloves are optional.
  • Freezers or fridges that contain > 500ml of a flammable substance need to be labelled with a "Flammables" sticker. Freezers or fridges that do not contain flammables need to be labelled with a "No Flammables" sticker.
  • Autoclaved waste that is ready to be thrown away needs a green "OK To Trash" sticker
  • Eyewashes need to be tested and flushed (run for ~1min) weekly and the log sheet posted (enter location) needs to be filled out.
  • Sharps need to be disposed of in MERI boxes in the lab. These then need to be disposed of in the central building drop-off (which we need to find).
    • First floor in the loading dock (brown doors by vending machines), red bins to the left as you walk in. The bins are locked. Ask Megan for the code.
  • If you use liquid nitrogen, read the training on the EHS webpage on how to do so safely (FIND LINK)

Things Megan needs to do

  • Put together a bio spill box. See EHS webpage to know how to do this.
  • Put together a chemical spill kit. Check with EHS on how to do this.
  • Ask for an exemption on the biosafety cabinet in 3007 so that it is only inspected once every 3 years since currently we aren't using it (and inspections are expensive)
  • When we start needing to move materials (i.e. take cells to the flow cytometry facility in WIMR rooms 7016, 7018) this information needs to be added to the biosafetly protocol.


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  • Megan N McClean 13:44, 24 June 2015 (EDT) Most of the current information on this page was obtained from my 6/24/2015 meeting with Jacob Scherf from the Office of Biological Safety
  • Taylor D. Scott 16:21, 23 March 2017 (EDT): Updated with some information about sharps disposal and liquid nitrogen training



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