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To use the PFS (perfect focus system) motorized nosepiece the objective information needs to be correctly registered on the microscope. Currently the objectives that we use most often (100x Plan Apo VC oil; 40x Plan Apo dry) are correctly registered. The 40x is registered to position 4 (and 1) and the 100x is registered to position 3 (and 2,5,6).

If you add a new objective that is compatible with the PFS, you will need to follow the procedure below to register it.

If the PFS is not working, it may be that the objectives are not registered correctly. Check the front display of the microscope to make sure that it displays information on the objective you are using (PA40x or PV100x). If it does not it is likely that the objectives are not registered or are not registered to the position you are using on the objective turret. To fix this, follow the directions below to register the objective you want to use to the appropriate turret position.


To register an objective or change the registration settings of an objective:

  • Open the "TI-Control(Ti Setup Tools)" software:
    • Start->All Programs->Nikon->TI Control->TiControl
Ti Setup Tools

  • Click Setting. A new window will appear.
  • Click the appropriate number under Nosepiece Data (number corresponds to the nosepiece position you want to register the objective at).
  • Select the appropriate Series, Mag and Type options in the pull down menus and then select your objective from the list in the selection box below. For our 100x and 40x objectives you would select:
    • For the 100x: Plan Apo VC 100x Oil (its the only option that comes up: --- --- PFS 0.13 1.4 1.4)
    • For the 40X: Plan Apo 40x Dry (its the top option that comes up in the box: --- --- PFS 0.14 0.95 0.95)
  • When you pick the appropriate objective in the selection box, and illustration of the objective will show up. This should correspond to the writing on the objective you are trying to register. Check that they match up.
  • Click OK
  • You should get a message saying "Message Sending Succeed"
  • Exit Ti Setup Tools

The following images show what the appropriate settings for your 100x and 40x objective look like for position 3 (100x) and position 4 (40x):

40x objective registered at position 4

100x objective registered at position 3


Nikon Support


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