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The NanoDrop2000 enables you to measure the concentration and purity of samples including: peptides, DNA and RNA, purified proteins, toxicology assays and industrial dyes, etc.


  • 0.5-2 μl pipettor with tip
  • KimWipes
  • Blank/diH2O
  • Sample


  1. Open up the Nanodrop 2000 software on the desktop in room 2048
  2. When the window comes up, select the sample you are testing
  3. Click on "Blank" on the bottom left corner of the screen to adjust the spectrometer
  4. Raise the arm of the Nanodrop 2000 and using the pipettor, add a drop of the blank onto the measurement pedestal
  5. Lower the arm and start the measurement on the computer
  6. After the measurement, lift the arm and use a Kimwipe to wipe off the blank solution off the arm and the pedestal.
  7. Using the pipettor, pipette the sample onto the pedestal.
  8. Lower the arm and start the measurement on the computer.
  9. Look at the data to ensure that it is in a normal range and write down any data before clearing.
  10. After the measurement has been taken, raise the arm and use a KimWipe to wipe the sample off both the arm and the pedestal.
  11. Repeat 6-10 until all the sample has been measured if they are using the same blank. If not, repeat 3-10.
  12. Once finished, use diH2O and KimWipe to clean the arm and pedestal.
  13. Close the arm when finished.


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