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This is an overview of how to correctly enter information into the lab database. It is crucial that strain and experiment information is entered accurately with an appropriate level of detail. Current and future members of the lab rely on what is in the database. Furthermore, if an outside lab requests materials, we want to make sure we can quickly send the correct item. If you have ever wasted precious time troubleshooting an experiment just to realize you were given the wrong strain or that the genotype was incorrect, you know how important the accuracy of the database is!

Not all members of the lab will have access to edit the database. In this case, you need to ask a senior member of the lab to enter your information for you.

Database Categories

To be filled in by Megan

Pictures of the mini-stat set-up:

Excel files listing all of the strains and other components in the lab (not updated from Princeton--but plasmids, bacteria, yeast should all be ok):


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