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This is the concanavalin A solution we use for FISH and for microscopy applications where the small amount of ions in the "microfluidics" conA might be problematic.


  • Concanavalin A (MP Biomedicals, cat no: 150710)
  • Sterile H2O


Dissolve a 20mg/ml solution of conA in sterile water. Dilute from this mixture down to 2mg/ml in sterile miliQ water. Store the 2mg/ml aliquots at -20°C, thaw just before microscopy or FISH. Concanavalin A solution can be stored at room temperature for several days without losing efficiency.


Please feel free to post comments, questions, or improvements to this protocol. Happy to have your input!

*Megan N McClean For FISH you will need to dilute this solution further (1:20 dilution in sterile water to 0.1mg/ml concentration)

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