McClean: Dilution of Oligos

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Dilution of Oligos

  • We order most oligos from IDT .
  • When you receive the oligos, the IDT Spec Sheet will tell you the amount of oligo in nMoles
  • Label the top of the blue IDT tube with the oligo’s identification number (ie, its oMM number from the McClean Lab database).
  • Make a 100uM stock of your oligo, by adding A ul of 1X TE pH8 to the IDT tube where A is the number of nMoles times 10. For example, if the yield on your oligo was 22.0 nMoles you would add 220 ul of TE. Vortex until all DNA dissolves. Store your 100uM concentration oligo in the original IDT tube in the -80C oligo box when done.
  • Make a 10uM PCR stock by adding 20ul of your 100uM oligo to 180ul of sterile water in a 1.5ml eppendorf tube. Label the top of the tube with the oligo’s number and the side with the number, concentration, date and your initials. Store this in the 10uM oligo stock box in the -20°C freezer.
  • Label the top right hand corner of the IDT Spec Sheet with the oligo's number, ie “oMM101” and put it in the McClean Lab Oligos binder.


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