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Some notes on setting up the Bioptechs to work with the Bioptechs software for temperature control/temperature profile experiments. These notes were made by Megan on 9/14/2015 and could certainly be improved.


  • Set-up the Biotechs, controller, and pump. Make sure that the following things are true:
    • The green temp control jack from the USB Interface Box is plugged into the Bioptechs Temperature Controller
Reminder of which jacks to plug in for which experiments on the front of the USB Interface Box
The back of the Bioptechs Temperature Controller should look like this for temperature experiments
    • The control jacks for the pumps should NOT be plugged into anything (you cannot simultaneously control the pumps and temperature--silly I know)
The pump jacks should NOT be plugged in for temperature control experiments

    • The pump should be switched to "INT" so that you can set the speend internally (manually) using the black dials.
What the back of the pump should look like for temperature control experiments
    • The USB interface should be plugged into a USB port at the front of the computer as shown in the set-up pictures. If you open a command window (type "cmd" at the search promt) and type "mode" you should see that there is now a COM1 serial port. I believe that this is the port associated with the Bioptechs.
Yep. Must plug in.

  • Open Windows XP mode. At the top of the XP window click "USB" and attach the "Unidentified Device"
Don't forget to attach the control in XP Mode
  • Turn on the Bioptechs Temperature Controller (hit power button)
  • Open the Bioptechs software in the XP mode window.

It should work now. There is a 2 degree difference between the "sensor" and the "sample", that is for the Delta T dish, and not relevant for our apparatus.


Please feel free to post comments, questions, or improvements to this protocol. Happy to have your input!

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