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McClean Lab Small Fridge

Shelf #1

  • Various 15ml and 50ml conicals

Shelf #2

  • Gel Supplies (ladder and loading buffer, small clear box)
  • Common drug stocks (bright pink box)

Shelf #3

  • Personal 4°C boxes
  • Gels

Shelf #4

  • Small chemicals and vials (white box)
  • Common stocks in tubes (clear small box)


  • Amino acid stocks
  • Various buffers

Small Compartment in Door

  • Kit boxes (Bioanalyzer reagents, etc)

Door Shelves

  • Chemicals and various buffers
  • Kit reagents (ie, P1 from Qiagen kit)
  • Large bottles


Please feel free to update this inventory on openwetware. When you make significant changes, please re-post on the freezer/fridge/etc door with the date that the change was made (see below):

*Megan N McClean 19:03, 21 April 2012 (EDT)