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McClean Lab Freezer #1 Contents

Top Shelf

  • Personal -20°C insulated freezer boxes (blue, nalgene)

Middle Shelf

  • Restriction Enzymes (Nalgene cooler box #1)
  • Miscellaneous Enzymes (Nalgene cooler box #2)
  • PCR Enzymes (Nalgene cooler box #3)

Bottom Shelf

  • Restriction Enzyme Buffers (gray box)
  • Small Chemicals (white box)
  • Extra PCR reagents (gray box)
  • FISH Reagents
    • Prolong Gold Mounting Medium
    • Lyticase stocks
    • Ribonucleoside vanadyl Complex
    • FISH Probes


  • Extra ice packs


  • Chemicals
  • 100% ethanol
  • Kit boxes


Please feel free to update this inventory on openwetware. When you make significant changes, please re-post on the freezer/fridge/etc door with the date that the change was made (see below):

*Megan N McClean 19:03, 21 April 2012 (EDT)