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OWW Syntax

The Official Syntax

Offical Syntax

My Short Cuts


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All Medline abstracts: PubMed | HubMed




Scaffold Map of High Copy Vector (Genbank Files to Follow)

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The GFP and Mcherry scaffolds I'm using were constructed by Heather Keller of the Endy Lab.

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lambda pL promoter (BBaR0011)


Approach Pros Cons References
DNA (5')/MLS Conjugate 24mer oligo has been successfully imported into isolated yeast mitochondria using this method (Vestweber et al); Reagents are readily accessible and cheap. It is unknown if the conjugate (specifically the peptide portion) can get across the yeast cell membrane; Crosslinking of DNA to peptide may inhibit expression and recombination. [4]
DNA (Internal)/MLS Conjugate ~300 bp strand of DNA successfully imported into isolated rat mitochondria (Siebel et al). Experiment performed with mammalian mitochondria;Crosslinking of DNA to peptide may inhibit expression and recombination. [5]
DNA/MLS Conjugate (Crosslinking to peptide done in vivo) Resolves problem of getting peptide across cell membrane. Singly-bound crosslinker is likely bind any sulfhydryl group it encounters during transformation. Natalie's Suggestion
DNA/MLS Conjugate with Cytosolic leading signal (Endocytosis) Resolves problem of getting the conjugate across the yeast cell membrane without attempting to crosslink in vivo Digestion or rejection during endocytosis? Formation of lipid membrane around conjugate? Drew's Suggestion