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This protocol includes all the parts to build the Mathies group Valves and Control System.


PDMS Supply and properties

PDMS information

Sample Parts List

3.5" x 2.7" miniboard of PCB Board from

You can download their design software, and submit through the software to get a design file.

Here's the image of PCB circuit board design:

Pump from Nor-Cal Controls (408)727-5756

12V Thomas 7011 Diaphragm Pump

Solenoids from Teco Pneumatic (925)426-8500

8 port manifold for solenoids (need three for 24 lines)

5V DC Solenoid Valve for vacuum (as many lines as you need, 330 mA each)

M3 Barbed fitting to 1/8" tubing (as many lines as you need)

Electronics from Jameco (800)831-4242

5V@12A and 12V@5A switching AC to DC power supply

3 pin connector housing (for 5V power connection to board, bags of 30, only need a couple)

8 pin connector housing (for solenoid connections to board, bags of 30, only need a couple)

16 pin header straight (for TTL connection to PCB board)

16 pin connector (attaches to ribbon and fits in header)

Fuse resettable, 3.0 A-H 6.0 A-T (you may want to change the fuses depending on the number of solenoids and thpump used)

18 pin low profile IC socket

Darlington chip ULN2803A

2 pin connector housing (for 12V power connection to board)

0.100" Male Breakaway Headers straight single row

0.100" Male Breakaway Headers straight double row

0.000" Female crimp pin (fits in the connector housings after crimping on end of wire)

Ribbon cable (50 line)

Control Cards from National Instruments

NI-PCI-6503 24 line digital I/O

Sample Labview Program for Pumping

Pneumatic pumps are controlled by Labview programs. Here's a sample pump program (zip file).

Assembling Valves Systems

Valve Operating Animations

To see the pumping sequence in video, click here.


Papers related to Valves

1 Original PDMS valve paper 2 Latching valve paper 3 Computing paper


or instead, discuss this protocol.