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Glass and Bonding Supplies Dealers

Normal Glass Wafers Vendor: Precision Glass & Optics URL: Salesperson: DK Item: Borofloat Thickness: +/-0.1mm

Precise Thickness Glass Wafers Vendor: Alpha Precision Inc URL: Salesperson: John Arthur Anderson Item: Borofloat Thickness: +/-15um

Macor Vendor: Technical Products Inc URL: Item: Macor Disk Specification: Diameter and Thickness=.375"

Graphite Blocks Vendor: POCO Graphite Inc URL: Item: High Density Graphite Disk Catalog #: ZXF-5Q

Fabrication Supply

HMDS Vendor: Alfa Aesar URL: Item: 98+% Hexamethyldisilazane Catalog #: A15139

Photoresist Vendor: Micro Chem Corp URL: Item: Shipley 1818 1qt Catalog #: 10018357 Item: SPR220-7.0 1qt Catalog #: 10016640

Special Photoresist Vendor: Mays Chemical Co URL: Item: AZ P4620 1qt Catalog #: 3005120

Technicloth Vendor: Fisher Scientific URL: Item: ITW Texwipe No TX609 Catalog #: 18-315C

Drill Bits Vendor: Abrasive Technology URL: Item: Diamond Drill in all sizes (except 500um)

Drill Bits: Vendor: Saint-Gobain Abrasives URL: Item: Diamond Microdrill 0.020" Product #: S20FD


Sputtering Vendor: UHV Sputtering Inc URL: Item: Sputter Ti and Pt on glass wafers

Where Can I Find This?

This is a very important question. Many lab people do not know where we keep the stock. Here you go.

Location: Locker Room in microlab

Locker #45: All notebooks

Locker #46: LPCVD A-Si Borofloat

Locker #40: Blue Boxes

Locker #35: Sputtered Ti/Pt Borofloat

Our Names on the Lockers.

Personal items such as Timer, Blue Box, Teflon Dish...

Location: Lowest Shelf in the Left Cabinet in 432D.

6" Etching Tanks and Tools

Location: Third Shelf in the Right Cabinet in 432D

All Etching and Cleaning tools for Old Lab

Location: Y1

Development Tools and Dropper Bottles

Location: Lewis 313

In 2nd lowest drawer right to Spurion, there are new wrapped 100mm wafers.

In 3rd drawer, there are new wrapped 150mm wafers.

In the lowest drawer, there are new float (backing) wafers.

Location: Lewis 310

The Nitrogen box has all opened and unwrapped glass wafers.

1st drawer below the ATM furnace has graphite blocks.

2nd drawer has macor blocks.

3rd drawer below the nitrogen box has opened backing wafers.


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