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Research Interests

The Marenzana Lab's lab central interest is in skeletal pathomechanobiology, which is the study of the mechanisms by which the normal response of bone cells to mechanical loading is impaired in pathological conditions. This research is motivated by the fact that there is a very limited understanding about how the local response of bone cells to maechanical loading is affected by systemic factors which include humoral, vascular, nervous, inflammatory contributions.

Our research aims to improve the understanding of the basic principles of bone mechanobiology and to use these as a benchmark to determine what goes wrong in mechano-adaptation in different skeletal pathologies including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The ultimate goal is to identify the molecular mechamisms implicated and restore normal mechano-adaptation through a combination of biochemical and biomechanical interventions.

Key Topics

  • Modulation of mechanoadaptation by systemic factors in models of osteoporosis
  • Relationship between bone metabolism and blood perfusion
  • Role of bone remodelling and mechanoadaptation in osteoarthritis
  • Quantitative 3D imaging of bone and cartilage in murine models of osteoarthritis
  • Origin and role of osteophytes in peri-articular bone mechanoadaptation in osteoarthritis
  • Mechanotronic devices for applying controlled mechanical loading in vivo and in vitro
  • Mechanisms of mechanoadaptation and mechanotransduction in connective tissue cells