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Marenzana Lab - Skeletal Pathomechanobiology

Journal Articles

  • Marenzana M, Hagen CK, Das Neves Borges P, Endrizzi M, Szafraniec MB, Vincent T, Rigon L, Arfelli F, Menk R, Olivo A Synchrotron- and laboratory-based X-ray phase contrast imaging for imaging mouse articular cartilage in absence of radiopaque contrast agents. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences 2014, Vol:372:20130127 " (doi).
  • Marenzana M & Arnett TR. The Key Role of the Blood Supply to Bone. Bone Research 2013, Vol:3, , Pages:203-215 " (doi).
  • Marenzana M, Vugler A, Moore A, Robinson M. Effect of sclerostin-neutralising antibody on periarticular and systemic bone in a murine model of rheumatoid arthritis: a microCT study. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013, Vol.15, Page:R125 " (doi).
  • Jones GN, Moschidou D, Abdulrazzak H, Kalirai BS, Vanleene M, Osatis S, Shefelbine SJ, Horwood NJ, Marenzana M, De Coppi P, Bassett JH, Williams GR, Fisk NM, Guillot PV. Potential of Human Fetal Chorionic Stem Cells for the Treatment of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Stem cells and development 2013, Oct 16. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Endrizzi M, Diemoz PC, Szafraniec MB, Hagen CK, Millard TP, Zapata CE, Munro PRT, Ignatyev K, Marenzana M, Speller RD, Olivo A. Edge illumination and coded-aperture X-ray phase-contrast imaging: increased sensitivity at synchrotrons and lab-based translations into medicine, biology and materials science. SPIE Medical Imaging 2013, Page:866812. " (doi).
  • Marenzana M, Hagen CK, Das Neves Borges P, Endrizzi M, Szafraniec MB, Ignatyev K, Olivo A. Visualization of small lesions in rat cartilage by means of laboratory-based x-ray phase contrast imaging. Physics in medicine and biology 2012, Vol.57(24), Pages: 8173-84 " (doi).
  • Marenzana M, Greenslade K, Eddleston A, Okoye R, Marshall D, Moore A, Robinson MK. Sclerostin antibody treatment enhances bone strength but does not prevent growth retardation in young mice treated with dexamethasone., Arthritis Rheum, 2011, Vol:63, Pages:2385-2395 " (doi).
  • Marenzana M and Chenu C, Sympathetic nervous system and bone adaptive response to its mechanical environment., J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2008, Vol:8, Pages:111-120, ISSN:1108-7161
  • Rubinacci A, Marenzana M, Cavani F, et al., Ovariectomy sensitizes rat cortical bone to whole-body vibration., Calcif Tissue Int, 2008, Vol:82, Pages:316-326, ISSN:0171-967X (doi)
  • Marenzana M, De Souza RL, Chenu C. Blockade of beta-adrenergic signaling does not influence the bone mechano-adaptive response in mice., Bone, 2007, Vol:41, Pages:206-215, ISSN:8756-3282 (doi)
  • Marenzana M, Kelly DJ, Prendergast PJ, Brown RA. A collagen-based interface construct for the assessment of cell-dependent mechanical integration of tissue surfaces., Cell Tissue Res, 2007, Vol:327, Pages:293-300, ISSN:0302-766X (doi)
  • Marenzana M, Wilson-Jones N, Mudera V, Brown RA. The origins and regulation of tissue tension: identification of collagen tension-fixation process in vitro., Exp Cell Res, 2006, Vol:312, Pages:423-433, ISSN:0014-4827 (doi)
  • Chenu C and Marenzana M, Sympathetic nervous system and bone remodeling., Joint Bone Spine, 2005, Vol:72, Pages:481-483, ISSN:1297-319X (doi)
  • Marenzana M, Shipley AM, Squitiero P, Kunkel JG, Rubinacci A. Bone as an ion exchange organ: evidence for instantaneous cell-dependent calcium efflux from bone not due to resorption., Bone, 2005, Vol:37, Pages:545-554, ISSN:8756-3282 (doi)
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  • Marenzana M and Carlevaro M. A computer-based technique for cell quantitation: "in vitro" chemotactic migration of endothelial cells., Eur J Histochem, 1997, Vol:41 Suppl 2, Pages:101-102, ISSN:1121-760X.