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Room 2115
Section of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616


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Contact Info

Upendra Kumar Devisetty
  • Upendra Kumar Devisetty
  • Post doctoral researcher
  • University of California Davis
  • 1 Shields Avenue
  • Davis, CA, USA.
  • Email:

I am currently working as a post doctoral researcher in Plant Biology department at the University of California Davis where i work in a project related to agroecological gene prediction and computation networks in Brassica rapa.


  • 2009, PhD, University of Nottingham (UK)
  • 2003, MSc., G.P.P.U.A.T (INDIA)
  • 2000, B.Sc., A.N.G.R.A.U (INDIA)

Research Projects

  • PostDoctoral:

- Construction of gene expression networks and computational models to understand plant crowding in Brassica rapa. - Detected molecular genetic markers and constructed the comprehensive transcriptome assembly pipeline using deep RNA-Seq of Brassica rapa. -Optimized the high-throughput protocol for making RNA-Seq libraries from mapping population (~1500 lines) of Brassica rapa. - Determined the genotype of mapping population of Brassica rapa by RNA-Seq, currently mapping the expression QTL for crowding. - Conducted RNA-Seq analysis on Phytochrome mutants of Brassica rapa.

  • phD:

- Investigated meiotic recombination in wheat using molecular biology, molecular genetics and field-based crop analysis. - Cloned RAD51 & DMC1 meiotic homoeologous genes of wheat and investigated their role in meiotic recombination pathway in Arabidopsis using variety of functional genomic approaches

  • Research Technician:

- Cloning and isolation of RNAase and SLF alleles of Petunia hybrida using 3’ & 5’ RACE, Southern blotting and western blotting for molecular analysis. - Gateway cloning, yeast two-hybrid assays and petunia and cherry anther and style library screens with identified baits. - Agrobacterium infection of RNAi constructs into petunia lines to generate transgenic plants lacking incompatibility alleles. Propagation of transformants to establish and maintain glasshouse grown transgenic stocks. - Provided technical support to line manager and guided two Master’s students and one B.Sc., student towards completing their dissertation.

  • Junior Research Fellow:

- Developed tissue culture regeneration protocol for rapid multiplication of legume plant – Leucaena leucocephala (subabul) -Developed Agrobacterium mediated transformation protocol for Leucaena leucocephala

Research interests

  • Natural variation in plants, in particular genetic variation involved in plant domestication and adaptation
  • Application of RNA-Sequencing technology for understanding crop functional genomics
  • Whole genome annotation of sequenced genomes using modern bioinformatics tools


- Daniel Koenig, José M. Jiménez-Gómez, Seisuke Kimura, Daniel Fulop, Daniel H. Chitwood, Lauren R. Headland, Ravi Kumar, Michael F. Covington, Upendra Kumar Devisetty, and Julin N. Maloof: Comparative transcriptomics reveals patterns of selection in domesticated and wild tomato. PNAS 2013 : 1309606110v1-201309606

- Polly Yingshan Hsu, Upendra K Devisetty, Stacey Harmer: Accurate timekeeping is controlled by a cycling activator in Arabidopsis. eLife 2:e00473

- Upendra Kumar Devisetty, Katie Mayes and Sean Mayes: The RAD51 and DMC1 homoeologous genes of bread wheat: Cloning, molecular characterization and expression analysis. BMC Research Notes 2010, 3:245